Bye bye, priority seats

Bye bye, priority seats


MTR's priority seats.
Photo: K. Y. Cheng/SCMP

I believe that most of you know about the priority seats on public transport. Some of you may have even seen videos of fights or arguments over these seats.

I think priority seats should be abolished. The original aim of this scheme has been misunderstood by the public.

The seats’ existence has become one of the most controversial topics in society, because people dare not sit on them, even when they need to sit down. Because they aren’t on the list of “vulnerable” people as defined by the MTR, they lose out.

With this in mind, I think priority seats should be abolished, as they are not even helping those in need; they simply cause more conflicts and make society even more chaotic.

Annie Au, Munsang College

What’s with all the artwork on the MTR’s South Island Line?

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Annie. You’re right when you say most people just avoid the priority seats when they board the train. But I’ve noticed that some will still sit there if all the other seats are taken. It does, however, give those passengers who need them the right to silently shame the seat thief into standing if they need to sit down.

I have not seen a case of someone who is in need going without a seat while those seats have been empty. And I have not seen any conflict over them. In fact, people knowing that they should stand up might even avoid conflict.

The priority seat system is relatively new, and so I think we should leave it in place for a while. Let people get used to it, and I believe you’ll find that it will be one more thing for Hongkongers to be proud of.

Susan, Editor


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