Handmade joy for the festive season

Handmade joy for the festive season


Cards made using tape.
Photo: Cotrina Fung

As it’s the new year, I just wanted to share some thoughts on Christmas, a time of year everyone looks forward to. I still remember sending festive, DIY cards to my friends during the holidays when I was younger. But technology is always improving, and we now live in an increasingly convenient world, where we can have our messages sent in a handy, effortless way.

We rarely spend time handwriting cards to our loved ones. It is sad to see that people simply write “Merry Christmas” on Facebook instead of sending their blessings face to face.

Handwritten cards are sweet and irreplaceable as the receiver isn’t just reading the message, but also feeling the emotional effort you have put into making it. It gives you a warm feeling on a cold day. I’m designing handmade cards for my friends this year, will you join me?

Connie Tsoi, Leung Shek Chee College

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From the Editor

Thanks for getting in touch, Connie (ironically by email!). There’s no denying that technology has made it easier than ever to keep in touch – we can Whatsapp a friend who’s thousands of kilometres away, and receive their reply almost instantly. We have hundreds of friends on Facebook that can keep up with our lives just by reading our status. We can “meet” loads of new people on a variety of social media platforms and learn about life in countries all over the world.

The problem with such instant communication, though, is that you don’t tend to make as much effort thinking about what to say. It’s so easy to write one message and copy and paste it to everyone you know. It’s always good to hear from people, but it’s a little less exciting when you know that everyone – from the sender’s best friend, aunty and school crush, to the random student they borrowed a pen from at the interschool swimming competition – got the same message.

It seems you’ve already decided to make your friends’ days brighter by sending them handmade cards. I’d suggest that all readers consider making this year the year of deeper connections, and of reaching out to people because you really want to, not just because it’s “expected”. Take the time to type and print out, or better yet, handwrite a letter to your grandparents, overseas cousins, or even a friend you see at school every day, just to say hello and that you’re thinking of them.

(FYI, Young Post is always happy to receive handwritten letters and cards, too!)

Karly, Deputy editor

Edited by Lucy Christie

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