Drama can help with English, too

Drama can help with English, too

I am writing about the importance of including drama in English lessons. I had my doubts whether drama would help improve my English skills. However, after several lessons, I have realised its importance.

Drama involves dialogue and script-writing which are great ways for students to enhance both their speaking and writing skills.

Whether it’s in school or in the workplace, there are times when we all have to work in groups. This happens in drama, too, which allows students to use their language skills and creativity while discussing ideas with others. Also, drama helps students learn how to express themselves not just through words, but also through facial expressions and body language.

What’s more, drama brings fun into the classroom. Students learn so much more while having fun, rather than sitting in a classroom doing past papers. This way, they will be inspired and motivated, creating a better learning environment in schools.

In conclusion, I strongly believe that drama should be a part of the English language curriculum.

Preeti Tariq, HKMA David Li Kwok Po College

Letter from the editor: Are you worried about your English?


From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Preeti. Often when people are learning another language, they get so caught up in the rules, they forget to enjoy the process, or realise how much they’re achieving. With English, especially, there are so many rules that don’t always make sense in the textbook. It usually seems easier just to learn them like a parrot, and make sure you remember them in the exam.

But we shouldn’t learn languages just to pass exams. To really succeed in a language, we need to be able to use it. And that’s the beauty of using drama to learn English: you have to read it, and understand it, so that you can speak it correctly, using the right tones and expressions. By doing this, you’re really learning how the language works in real life, not just how the rules apply.

And you’re right, it’s definitely easier to learn when you’re having fun. Even if you’re shy, it’s more fun to be involved in a group project putting on a performance than just writing essays.

The great thing about the DSE English electives – learning English through drama, sports, debate, poetry, and so on – is that they’re really useful in the real world. So take every opportunity to practise English outside of your textbook and past papers, because it’s more fun and it will help your English lessons make more sense.

Karly, deputy editor


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