Fix climate change a little at a time

Fix climate change a little at a time

The weather is getting hotter and hotter, while there are more and more natural disasters these days.

All these things mean that global warming is becoming worse. It might be a huge challenge to fix the problems caused by climate change, but there are small steps we can take that will help things get better, bit by bit.

When the weather is hot, we usually turn on the air conditioner to cool off.

Although we know that using the air conditioner will harm the environment because it uses a lot of electricity, we don’t want to sweat all day long.

Humans are selfish. We use natural resources, such as forests, trees, and plants, that belong to all the creatures around the world. For example, we cut down a lot of trees to grow food, which harms the environment. By doing this, we are destroying the homes of the creatures that live in forests and other places.

I think the only way we can solve the problem of global warming is by changing our habits. If we use less air conditioning and natural resources, we can slow down climate change and ensure a better world for all.

Ho Chun-yan, The Chinese Foundation Secondary School

From the editor

Thank you for your letter, Chun-yan. We keep reading in the news that our planet is in trouble. It’s getting hotter, the oceans are rising and swallowing small islands, and pollution is getting worse. Not only is the Earth suffering, but we are, too.

It’s easy to think that, as an individual, there’s nothing you can do to solve the problem. But if we all think like that, we’re in serious trouble. Each of us plays a part in the world, and if each of us takes a small step, it will add up to a big difference.

If you already lead a green life yourself, persuade your friends, family and teachers to do the same. Encourage them to recycle. Ask your parents if you can use a fan at home instead of an air conditioner. Suggest that your school use low-energy light bulbs, and recycled paper in the printer.

Every little thing we do to help the planet can be very important in the long run.

Karly Cox, deputy editor

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Linus Wong


Why can't we use fans to cool us down instead of turning on air-conditioners all the time? Also, I think the government needs to implement laws to control the factories which illegally discharge wastes into the sea.