End the animals’ suffering

End the animals’ suffering

Save the animals

I am writing in response to the article “Activists join forces to oppose dog meat festival” (South China Morning Post, April 5).

Up to 10,000 dogs, and some cats, are slaughtered for the annual festival in Yulin, Guangxi province.

Animal rights activists have united to oppose the dog meat trade, calling for it to be scrapped.

I was furious after reading about this festival. How can those butchers be so hard-hearted as to kill cats and dogs? Are
they crazy? I am trying my best to understand why they do this.

What’s more, how can people feel good by eating dog meat? Do they know it is unhygienic?

In my opinion, the best solution is to strengthen enforcement and send those involved in this awful trade to jail.

This way, we could protect animal rights and be an example to the rest of the world.

Seriously, what right do people have to kill animals whenever they want? Humans are animals. Dogs and cats are also animals.

It’s not fair.

Anson Lam, King Ling College

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Anson. It’s always a shock to find out that life is not “fair”. We grow up learning to be kind, fair and honest, only to discover that the whole world does not follow the same ideals.

While animal cruelty is terrible and should be stopped, we need to admit that we, too, eat animals without so much as a thought to their deaths. One of the things we need to be aware of in a global world is that people have different values and different ideas. We might consider dogs and cats as pets. Other people do not. In some cultures, dogs are a legitimate and easy source of meat. In some countries people eat horses, in other countries they eat guinea pigs. Humans are able to survive on a wide range of food, and use what is available to them.

In some mainland cities, strays dogs and cats are a real threat to humans, as they carry deadly diseases like rabies. Their numbers have to be controlled. There are more humane ways of doing this, but they are also more expensive. These are the awful realities of everyday life.

But there are ways that you can help to end the suffering by using your passion to support local animal causes. Talk to your friends about animal welfare and offer your services to charities that are active on the mainland. By doing something meaningful, you will be able to spare some of our furry friends from that awful fate.

Susan, Editor

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