To anyone who feels the world is too much: You’re not alone

To anyone who feels the world is too much: You’re not alone

After the shocking news of Hong Kong students' suicide, all we can do for now is to let people know we care

Dear readers,

I’m breaking with our tradition of answering readers’ letters today because in this school year, 20 Hong Kong  students have taken their own lives.

Please, if you are in so much pain that you want to end your own life, hold on. Reach out for help from someone, anyone.

When I was your age, my brother-in-law killed himself. To this day I still ask what I could have done to prevent that.

While I know that logically there is nothing I could have done then, there is something I can do now. I can ask you to please, pause, breathe, and let someone help you.

World Health Organisation now has programmes specifically to help teenagers

I know that you are stressed. I read your letters. I know that you may think you don’t measure up to everyone’s expectations, that you’ll never be successful, or that you’re being bullied so badly that all you want is for the hurt to stop. Perhaps there are other problems that I can never imagine. 

Right now, you can’t see a way out. 

But no problem is so big that it cannot be helped.

The feelings that you have in your own private world of hurt are being felt by others around you. You are not alone. If you feel you can’t talk to your parents, tell a teacher, tell a friend.

Tell anyone.

Just hold on, one more minute. Hold on. 

Susan, Editor

Find help

You can find help by calling a 24-hour suicide prevention hotline:

Suicide Prevention Service: 2382 0000

The Samaritans (multilingual): 2896 0000

The Samaritan Befreinders will extend the duration of their daily online chat forum from 8pm to 2am at


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