Be happier by cutting out this bad habit

Be happier by cutting out this bad habit

Time to stop complaining

Don't tell me you have never complained about anything. I won't believe it.

For some people, complaining has become a habit. They might do it to start a conversation, or prove that they are right.

Sometimes I think humans are very strange, We always grumble about how difficult our lives are. We mostly point out the mistakes of others, and rarely praise the good things they do.

Students even have to learn how to write a complaint letter. You can see how important complaining has become in our lives.

The problem is we ignore our own faults in the process.

I think we should change our attitude by improving ourselves and having a positive attitude.

We should take responsibility for what we want in life and focus on achieving it.

Chan Po-ying, Maryknoll Fathers' School

From the Editor

Thank you for your letter, Po-ying. It's very easy to complain: think about an average day. I'm sure something didn't go quite according to plan today. Maybe your bus was late or caught in a traffic jam. Maybe your teacher said that everyone could have an extra week to finish the project you spent your whole holiday on. Maybe your lunch wasn't very tasty.

When such things happen, and we talk about them, we feel better. This is known as a "cathartic" process.

But the thing is, complaining can be addictive. We can start to complain not just about huge problems, but tiny little things that aren't really a problem.

Next time you feel annoyed by someone or something, stop to think before you open your mouth (or a WhatsApp chat) to complain.

Is it actually a really serious problem? Could you just forget about it?

If you take five seconds, and decide that, really, your life is pretty great, maybe think of something positive to talk about or write online instead.

Spreading a positive attitude is also cathartic. Not only will you feel happy, but other people will, too.

Karly, Deputy Editor

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