VOTE NOW: Those pesky "before school" woes listicle competition

VOTE NOW: Those pesky "before school" woes listicle competition

It’s that time of year: back to school and back to reality – but for one talented reader, the start of the new term could be amazing. We’re going to stuff one lucky student’s backpack full of awesome goodies: stationery, clothes, snacks, electronics – it could all be yours! Plus we’ll send you and your family to a delicious dinner. The prize is worth $5,000 in total! But to win it, you’ve got to get creative.

Here are the competitors, and all your have to do to help your friend win is to click on their name! Don't forget to share this link with your other friends: It will lead them to this page, and all they will need to do to click on the right name! 

  1. Anson Chan

  2. Anushka Purohit

  3. Bakhita Fung

  4. Belinda Ng

  5. Catherine Wang

  6. Heidi Suen

  7. Jeanie Li

  8. Joy Pamnani

  9. Karam Yoo

  10. Karen Lee

  11. Kaur Mukhjot

  12. Miuccia Chan Miu-ci

  13. Myka Marie Juliana Mabuyog Molo 

  14. Nicole Chong Nga-kwo

  15. Nitika Chandiramani

  16. Poppy D'Abo

  17. Ryan Ma Sai-wing

  18. Shivani Kogta

  19. Violet


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