Nitika Chandiramani's 11 thoughts the night before school starts

Nitika Chandiramani's 11 thoughts the night before school starts

7:00 PM

1. Its dinner time, what am I going to eat in school tomorrow? Should I pack a lunch, or buy one? I really hope my canteen serves something that’s not squashed, sour veggies shoved with a layer of cheese as thin as a strand of hair. Yeah, that’s “lasagna.”

2. Done with dinner, I can’t go out…let me prepare for school by packing my bag.

*scrolls down Instagram feed for the next hour*

8:00 PM

3. It's 8? Oops... I'll pack it tomorrow, at 6 AM. WHAT?! I haven't gotten up         that early in a lifetime. Maybe it'll be black rain tomorrow, Yes, black rain that's it!

4. *Refreshes the Hong Kong Observatory page repeatedly* Black rain, where are you? Maybe there will be another protest tomorrow? C’mon HK get your yellow umbrellas out!

9:00 PM

5. Okay, so no protests, no black rain...I have to go. Agh! Let’s brush aside all petty fears, and think about all the successful things I’m going to achieve this new school year. I’m going to join the debating club, the basketball club, get straight A’s, make so many new friends….

6. Oh my god, I’m so excited about school, this year is going to be amazing.

7. 15 more minutes till bedtime… what. Time flies so fast, I’m so tired I’ll be deep asleep in seconds.

10:00 PM

8. The lights are out... so fast? Normally at this time I’d be watching a movie...

9. Oh no, what if my alarm doesn’t ring? Or what if I sleep through it? I’ll be late for the first day of school, that’s so embarrassing!   I need to check that my phone’s on full volume.

*scrolls down tumblr feed for next hour*

10. AHAHHA, I love tumblr. Wait, what?! It’s 11:00 already?? Oh no, I better sleep.

3:00 AM

11. I. cannot. Sleep. 


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