Documentary contest entries worth their own Roar

Documentary contest entries worth their own Roar


The wait is almost over!
The wait is almost over!

After the amazing response to our Insta-Art-Hunt competition for the chance to see Katy Perry, we knew we had to do something to get more tickets. Luckily we were able to score a second batch of tickets for one more winner and two friends to the pop queen's show in Macau on May 2.

For the second competition, we asked our readers to write a review of a non-fiction film in English which is part of the HKDSE School-based Assessment anyway, so it was good practice. 

Again, so many of you responded which made it very hard to pick a winner. But there had to be a winner and that person is ...

Lau Hiu-to who wrote about Waiting For Superman

Congratulations, Hiu-to!

While only one won the coveted tickets, there were others so good we thought it was only fair we shared your wonderful reviews as well.

Catherine Wang - Jiro Dreams of Sushi

Christy Cheung - Supersize Me

Christy Tsang - A Bite of China

Fung Wing-yee - The Cove

Hilary Lok - The Cove

Ho Dang-long - The Cove

Huang Yitong - 10 Days in North Korea

Mianne Wong - First Position

Ruhi Kumar - India's Daughter

Wasif Ali - Blackfish

Wong Tsz-long - Blackfish

- Yip Ka-wai - Katy Perry: Part of Me


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