Katy Perry Insta-Art-Hunt: She's "The One That Got Away"

Katy Perry Insta-Art-Hunt: She's "The One That Got Away"


Get ready to have some fun with Katy Perry in Macau!
Get ready to have some fun with Katy Perry in Macau!
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Young Post scored tickets for Katy Perry's May 2 show at the Venetian Macau. In keeping with the pop powerhouse's colourful personality, we held an art scavenger hunt on Instagram to promote all the art that is actually in Hong Kong. The winner of the competition will receive three tickets plus round-trip ferry tickets.

We received a wide range of entries, and after some intense debates among the judges, we were finally able to choose a winner. Sadly there could only be one winner, but we still want to celebrate, in no particular order, the efforts of some of the other entrants. 

Our third honourable mention is @magicalmoonstone who got some great inspiration for writing from the artwork she found!


Name of Artist: Zheng Lu Name of Artwork: Nude Created in 2008 Currently in Hong Kong Parkview Suites Art Collection Clue Number 2: An artwork that is lonely Description: This is a work of art of a man, alone and isolated, his fragile body curled against a cold hard wall. His eyes are closed tightly and his feet are dangling. However his posture doesn't describe the hundreds of emotions I imagine are going through his mind. When I look at this artwork amongst the different emotions I feel, lonely stands out by far. Being lonely is feeling misery, anger and broken hearted at the same time, it's wishing for someone else to come around. To me, that's exactly what this piece reflects. @youngposthk #ypwhatisart (my other 2 entries are below)

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Click ahead to find out who the grand prize winner is!


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