War Horse competition entry by Nicole Cheong

War Horse competition entry by Nicole Cheong

We asked our readers to write a review of a film or book about a meaningful relationship between a pet and its owner. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited

A Streetcat Named Bob. This a true story of an drug addict and a feline, James Bowen and his cat Bob. During the lowest point of James’ life, the feline came through his window and refuse to leave. This encounter made the turning point of James's life, giving him a second chance.

In the movie, played by Treadaway, Bowen finds a reason to live-- and to go cold turkey from his vicious narcotics habit-- when his furry friend starts depending on him. On the outside, it’s seem like it’s the man who rescue a cat. However in reality, it’s the cat who saves the man’s life.

A street cat named Bob is set in London, England, where James, a helpless, recovering heroin addict street musician discovers Bob, a stray orange feline, stealing food in his subsidized housing. At first he tries to find someone to claims him, but at last he decides to keep him. And this seem to be the wisest decision he has made.

I think that the relationship between James and Bob are meaningful, the connection between a human and an animal made me ‘wow’ and admire. Throughout the film, i marvel at the healing and helpful ministrations of Bob, it is a truly remarkable cat. Even James said highly of Bob,”It was Bob who gave me the determination to knuckle down and get over it. Using drugs is a selfish thing; Bob gave me something else to focus on.”They together go through many ups and downs, they both needed and helped each other and together they made the world a more compassionate and better place.


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