War Horse competition entry by Tanya Massar

War Horse competition entry by Tanya Massar

We asked our readers to write a review of a film or book about a meaningful relationship between a pet and its owner. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited

I remembered when I was young I often watch this movie about the relationship between a man and his adopted dog. The movie is called Hachi: A Dog's Tale, it is an American adaptation of a Japanese tale about a loyal dog named Hachiko. It's a friendly loyal dog who accompanies its owner to the train station every day and waits for its master to return each afternoon to greet him after work.

It is a very emotional movie which portiatts the strong bonding of loyalty and devotion between a man and his pet. I find a strong attachment and connection with this movie as I have a pet myself. It’s a love bird whom I named Oliver, it has been six years since he became a part of my family, I was nine years old when I met him. We always got along but there are times when he is just too noisy and I have to put a cloth over his cage but other than that we live peacefully with each others company. He nods as a greeting of thank you when I feed him treats and sings along to the tunes I play when I practice my instrument. He’s been a huge part of my life as he keeps company when I feel lonely and makes my home more lively.

The ending of the movie was very touching that I couldn’t hold back my tears. Even after the owner passed away from a sudden heart attack, the dog still obediently waited for its owner at the station everyday. This showed me the beauty of friendship between a pet and its owner. Their friendship drove me to persuade my mum to buy me a pet. It was one of the best choices I made in my 16 years of life. Not only friendship was established but also happiness was brought to my family. This movie showed the true meaning of friendship where loyalty and trust is the main essence for eternal friendship.

I really love the story and moral of this movie as it opens and broaden people’s vision on animals not just seeing them as creatures or a different species but builds relationship and changes people’s view on friendship that true friendship comes from the heart and builds on trust and that real friendship never dies.


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