Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2019 Competition entry by Dylan Esteban

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2019 Competition entry by Dylan Esteban


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My favorite sports is cheerleading. Love cheerleading. Tossing people in the air and carrying them gives me adrenaline, especially on competition days.

Here, I’m gonna y’all about my favorite sport stars and their most amazing sporting moment.

First, I wanna talk about Gabi Butler. Gabi has been cheerleading her whole life in the US. She started with the gym TopGuns and left to go to California Allstate Smoed in the year 2013. She has won multiple world titles with her teammates. Now, she’s in college cheering for Navarro. 

Second, a well known Filipino cheerleader from NU pep squad, Claire Cristobal. She started off as a gymnast when she was 14. After competing in the national gymnast team during high school, NU cheerleading coaches saw her potential and invited her to go to NU and compete with them. She competed in UAAP 2013 group stunt and placed champion. She was even invited to a famous talk show, Gandang Gabi Vice and did her group routine there. 

These two are my favorite sport stars and they inspire me to become a cheerleader when I graduate from high school.


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