2018 Clockenflap giveaway contest - Harina Sharon Rose Aristan

2018 Clockenflap giveaway contest - Harina Sharon Rose Aristan

We asked our readers to write review of either a live concert that you went to recently, or of your favourite music album for their chance to win an pair of weekend passes to Clockenflap! Here is one of the entries, which has not been edited for content

The most recent live concert I saw was BTS Wings Tour, on May 14 2017. Before the doors even opened, the whole waiting area was full of excitement and anticipation. Long queues zig-zagged across booths for pictures with cardboard cut-outs of people’s favourite group member and to purchase T-shirts and light sticks to wave around during the concert.

In Hall 10, people took their seats and already started singing as they waited. You could smell the exhilaration and eagerness. As soon as the lights dimmed down, screams filled arena. The opening video starts and BTS enters the stage ramming our hearts and souls. 

Their choreography was out of this world. From head to toe, all seven members were all in sync, blowing our minds with their accuracy and teamwork. Moreover, for individual performances where members danced to their solos, they stole our hearts with their dazzling and elegant movements, catching the crowds breath away. What made the whole experience even better was their effort into fan interactions and fan service. They showed how genuinely they appreciated their fans and gave them the same adoration they were receiving.

As for the fans, they had shocking cooperation as well as unity – Singing along to BTS and seemingly understanding what they say during fan interactions as well as fan chants. Hong Kong people are well known for knowing at least two languages which are English and Cantonese -three, including Mandarin. However, that night Hong Kong seemed to be transformed into a mini Korea as many fans had memorized the Korean lyrics to the songs or had learnt Korean and spoke it.

Combining BTS’s performance and fan cooperation left an unforgettably astonishing site. People all in unity and immersed in beautiful meaningful music. The concert left people breathless and eager for their next concert.


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