2018 Clockenflap giveaway contest - Mohamed Nauzer Fathima Reeshma

2018 Clockenflap giveaway contest - Mohamed Nauzer Fathima Reeshma

We asked our readers to write review of either a live concert that you went to recently, or of your favourite music album for their chance to win an pair of weekend passes to Clockenflap! Here is one of the entries, which has not been edited for content

No army would ever miss the chance to boast about their love for BTS and their music. BTS released their love yourself'series over last two years consisting of three albums, Love yourself Her, Love Yourself Tear and Love Yourself Answer. Amongst all of them, my absolute favourite, my comfort, is Love Yourself Answer, released just this summer. It has all the songs in the series and several new ones.

What I love about this album is firstly the message- finding love within one’s self. Unlike the atypical albums about getting over a girl/ guy or about sex, this album had songs that really addressed current issues and showed many more perspectives of love starting with yourself.

Secondly is the deep emotional connection between them and their fans. Two particular song lines, "You’ve shown me I have reasons I should love myself" and “You’ve shown me the best of me so you show you the best of you” from Love yourself and Magic Shop respectively, never fails to make my insides melt. Unlike many fanbases, I believe the connection between BTS and army is one like no other.

I love the variety and the balance of different song. Songs to cry and dance to, songs to feel at peace, songs to remind yourself to love yourself, all make the album give off a full-package effect. Saying their music is therapeutic would be an understatement, it seems like every line had been thought out so carefully to make it perfect. Every pitch sounds like it was perfected to the heavens. It may seem dramatic but as a person that has found comfort in one’s music, I truly think they have something that many artists don’t seem to be able to maintain- genuineness and uniqueness.This album showed it all.  



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