2018 back-to-school contest: 'A fresh start' by Azkka Noor

2018 back-to-school contest: 'A fresh start' by Azkka Noor

We asked our readers to write a poem or a piece of creative writing about "a fresh start" for their chance to win an amazing back-to-school haul. Here is one of the entries, which has not been edited

Claire sat on her warm bed with her blanket wrapped loosely around her body. The anxiety of missing her bus on the first day of school had continuously jolted her awake throughout the night and the thought of stepping back into the building of her school was eating her alive.

How will I make it through another year?

She thought as she stared into the abyss of the night. She had waited for hours for her mother to swing open her door and yell how late she is for school. But, tonight, it felt like time had stopped and the sound of her rapid heartbeat filled her ears instead of the silence of the night.

She looked into the darkness with a hope that something would grab her and take her away from the reality of living with a disorder that medication can’t even cure. But even she knew, she was hoping for the impossible.

Her head leaned back her pillow as her head filled with all possible outcomes of the day:

Did I forget to pack my biology textbook? Denise would definitely be annoyed if I ask whether she can share hers. I ironed my shirt, right? What if I missed some wrinkles and end up the joke of the school-

Oh wait, I’am.

Her thoughts swirled from topic to topic without rest as her eyes drifted from corner to corner of her window.

Suddenly, she noticed thick grey clouds in the sky. The screaming in her mind finally stopped as she shifted her concentration to the changing sky. The sky changed colour slowly as the abyss of the night disappeared and surrendered itself to the light of tomorrow.

The sky was covered tainted to a metallic grey colour as the warmth of a new beginning enveloped her bones. The voice that had been screaming at her went silent with each syllable it complained of when it had noticed that Claire was no longer paying attention to it.

With a quick intake of breath, she moved closer to her window to observe the wonder of the world. And just then, she wished for nothing more but for time itself to halt.

The first orange hued rays of sunrise kissed her building and the land below, the soft rays brought the warmth of another day and another goal. She knew that she couldn’t fight nor argue with the sun for dragging her into the day she’s been dreading for a month. But she knew that the sun brought a gift to comfort her, a fresh start.

Maybe, it won’t be that bad as I thought it would be.

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