2018 back-to-school contest: 'A fresh start' by Cyrus Chu Kin Cheung

2018 back-to-school contest: 'A fresh start' by Cyrus Chu Kin Cheung

We asked our readers to write a poem or a piece of creative writing about "a fresh start" for their chance to win an amazing back-to-school haul. Here is one of the entries, which has not been edited

The Wall- Short Story

We gazed upon the lights beyond the Wall; the dazzling colors snuffing out the night sky.

“Dad, why aren’t there any lights here? Why are they all over there?

He punched me, and a tooth came flying out.

“You know how long it took for us to settle down here? Huh? And you still want more?”

The second punch brought me back to reality, five years later.; to the Wall separating me and the city, where the lights shine brightest.

I continued to struggle upwards. A little more and I could tip over. Leave this damned place. Start fresh.

It was midnight. The moon was dancing with the stars, and the nightly winds did their talking. They sound awfully familiar.

“Why wouldn’t you be like your parents? Like us? We just wanted to live a peaceful life in the woods; and you’ve ruined all of it.

“Dad, you realize the world isn’t just your hovel, right?

“Hmmph! At least it’s better than dying on the wall!”

I set my hands on the top of the wall, and peeked over it. Behind the thick mesh were flashes of brilliance from the city within; orange, teal, and everything in between. It was mesmerizing.

I looked behind me, and saw nothing.

Did I have anything to lose?

I tried my hand against the mesh; and pain came gushing out like jets of flame. Trying to ignore the pain I put my arm in the mesh to leverage myself on top, then jumped. It felt like my chest was ripped apart.

I thought I was done when my natural reflexes saved me.

They whispered in my ear like an annoying bee. “You ought to be careful when playing with fire, see? You’re burnt now. You let go, you lose everything. You go back, you get a stable life with all your possessions intact.”

Maybe he would be right-if I actually had anything to lose from jumping.

I had nothing, except my hopes and dreams. And that’s a bit hard to lose, aren’t they?

I let go of the mesh, and tumbled over the wall into the abyss below.

It felt great to start over.

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