Kooza Competition entry by Chan Yan-lam

Kooza Competition entry by Chan Yan-lam

We asked our readers what act they would perform in the circus and why. Here is one of the answers. It has not been edited


Photo: Rachel Cheung/SCMP

If I were part of the circus, I would take up the role as a cheerful clown.  At the beginning, I would play some tricks and perform magic to bring happiness to the spectators.  Then, I would invite some spectators to dance with me and give them small gifts as souvenir. When they are totally involved with joyfulness, I would bring them surprises by turning the environment into darkness.  The spotlight would shine on me and they would find me riding on a single-wheeled bike climbing up to the high wire.  Under the background of strong music and laser, I would bring them thrills and audacity by doing dangerous acts.  Finally, I would pretend falling down from the wire.   In fact, I am wearing a wire.  I would fly near the spectators, shake hands with them and give flowers to them. 

I would like to be a clown performing the above scenes because they combine happiness and excitement.  It was not an easy task.  I believe the spectators would feel surprise and enjoy the show.  Moreover, they would have the sense of involvement in the show by having close contact with me.  Not just watching, but participating.  They would experience this show as exclusive and distinctive.  I believe I would win a lot of roaring applause from them, too. It is my pleasure to be a clown of KOOZA.

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