Kooza Competition entry by Wong Man-ling

Kooza Competition entry by Wong Man-ling

We asked our readers what act they would perform in the circus and why. Here is one of the answers. It has not been edited


Photo: Rachel Cheung/SCMP

I would like to perform the trilling act- tightrope walking. But instead of doing it the classical way with the pole in my hands and my feet balancing on the thin wire, I would be crossing the path of danger upside down with a handstand walk! This is because as a performer, my aspiration would be to create a memorable experience for the audience in an intense and terrifying atmosphere. Moreover, I would like to have a little bit of fun with my costume. Originally, my scarlet maxi dress would look nothing special and rather plain at first sight. But when I stand on my hands, the skirt would surprisingly reveal my hidden legs that are covered in snake scales, and a pair of shoes designed to imitate the head of a cobra. Reversely, my own face would be concealed by the skirt. It then presents the audience with the impression of a two-headed monster treading between life and death as I deliberately swayed my legs in the most uncanny way. The act reaches its climax when I halt in the middle of the wire and deceitfully swing my body as if I were losing balance. And boo! I would fall down from the wire after a resolute jump, not to put an end to the life of the snake, but to be rescued by my partner as he flies in from the side with a trapeze to catch me in the space. We would then swing together amidst the roaring applause and clamour after the audience have taken a sharp turn on their emotion flow from deep absorption and fright to astonishment. Lastly, the performance ends with three somersaults in the air and a perfect landing. This is the experience I want to be part of.

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