Kooza Competition entry by Wendy Zhuang

Kooza Competition entry by Wendy Zhuang

We asked our readers what act they would perform in the circus and why. Here is one of the answers. It has not been edited


Photo: Rachel Cheung/SCMP

If I were to join a circus, I would perform on a motorcycle dare devil stunt with my twin. I’ll be doing it with someone else because adding the thrill will bring adrenaline rushing to our blood and makes the crowd go wilder after every move we would make, not to mention that our performance will be different from what people see from typical circuses. Since my twin and I are professional cyclists and secretly magicians, we’ll be doing some tricks while riding on the motorbikes. Cool isn’t it? Our journey goes like this, we ride through rings of fire, but we are able to put out the fire by the dancing of our bikes, this is followed by a gigantic aquarium filled with eels and snakes. It’s dangerous but we have made a way to frozen them while we pass through, then they resume to move once we get out again. After that, we will have to cross “The circles of Death” which are 7 continuously loops, but in between these loops, my twin and I are able to throw some stuffed prizes to the kids to let them get shocked. For the grand finale, we will both make a jump over 10 cars and create a smoke effect with some confetti and colored smoke blowing out of the exhaust played along with a song called “We are the Champions”. Sounds spectacular right? Since stunts like this are only seen in cartoons, it would be awesome to see such a performance in real life!

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