Kooza Competition entry by Anushka Purohit

Kooza Competition entry by Anushka Purohit

We asked our readers what act they would perform in the circus and why. Here is one of the answers. It has not been edited


Photo: Rachel Cheung/SCMP

I'd easily impress with my facial expressions. I'm very against circus tricks involving animals because I can't imagine the torture the animals have to go through in the process of learning the skills, so I'd be a part of a circus where all artists use their face to make people laugh. I'd do the eyebrow dance, because I'm an expert eyebrow wiggler. Left, right, up, down, wiggle - you name it, I'll do it. But this is the best part - I’d use my eyebrows to “draw” out a path that my colleague will then perform stunts in. For example, say I arch my left brow leaving my right brow flat, my colleague would skate board off a triangular ramp and then flip onto flat ground. Once my experimentation with the brows is over, I’d move on to some more standard circus tricks, like juggling. It’s not going to be impressive at all because I absolutely suck at juggling, so people will be able to laugh at me trying to control three balls while having them all falling flat on my face subsequently, each after the other. If this much embarrassment (more like amusement) wasn’t enough, I’d then switch the balls to bowling pins. Yeah, I’d try harder to make sure it doesn’t fall on my face, but guess what, it still would. Which is where I’d proceed to end the show, since this calls for a night of icing my face - but also funny memories.

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