Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2018 Competition entry by Carole Tunik

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2018 Competition entry by Carole Tunik

We asked our readers about their favourite sports star and most amazing sporting moment and here is one of the entries. It has not been edited


Photo: Xinhua

My favorite ever sporting moment was “performed”, I guess you could say,  by Katie Ledecky in Rio, 2016. You have probably heard of this legendary swimmer, I have to say that she’s pretty decent! (That was sarcasm. She is absolutely amazing.)

If you don’t know who she is, she is an American five-time Olympic gold medalist in swimming and a 14-time world champion. That is the most in H I S T O R Y for a female swimmer.  At the Rio Summer Olympic games in 2016, she broke 3 world records and won 5 gold medals.

The 800-meter freestyle final left the entire world holding their breath because she completed the race beating the record by a full 2 seconds, but she was a full 12 seconds away from Jazz Carlin, a British swimmer. Non-swimmers might think that is not a lot, so to put that into perspective, that means that when the cameras were filming her, it looked like she was swimming alone in the 50-meter long pool.

What I found so stunning about this swim is how far away she was from her opponents. Let me remind you that these are THE BEST SWIMMERS IN THE WORLD. She managed to beat them by twelve. full. seconds.

Her swim was really inspiring to me because as an avid swimmer myself I found it incredible that she managed to pull away so far from the world’s best participants in the sport and knock off so much time from the world record. Records are usually beaten by a couple milliseconds, not anymore, so that was just bewildering to me. She is such a  big inspiration to me, and I love watching her swim today for Stanford in the USA.

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