Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2018 Competition entry by Sharon Lam Huen-tung

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2018 Competition entry by Sharon Lam Huen-tung

We asked our readers about their favourite sports star and most amazing sporting moment and here is one of the entries. It has not been edited

My favourite sports star is Angel Wong Hiu-ying, who’s one of the Hong Kong Women’s Artistic Gymnastic athletes. She’s not that famous like the other athletes, many people may wonder she is, but she’s trying her very best to work hard and make her skills progressing. I think the most amazing sporting moment is when she completed her “Hwang Xiaoying Jump” on the balance beam in the Olympic Games Gymnastic Competition in London, England. She stood firmly on the balance beam, I was really amazed of her as it’s perfect! 
This amazing moment is special to me, as it shows the hard work that Angel did, also the great effort that she had put into her training. I know she faced a lot of failures during her practises, it’s really hard to overcome the problems, she must have spent countless time practicing the same movements. But she didn’t give up, she keeps pushing herself, overcame her weaknesses and improved her skills. I’m not only proud of her jump, but also her attitude. ‘Be persistent’, I see it as my attitude towards my life. I always face different challenges in my daily life, especially in sports. Sometimes, we need to stay strong and keep practising to let our skills and techniques to reach higher levels since there's no really the highest level in sports. Although it’s tiring and tough, I’ll keep a positive attitude to improve and learn from my mistakes. For example, in rugby competitions, attitude is important, we always need to keep attack in order to make a try for our team, I always remind myself during the competition that ‘I can’t give up’. 
Angel inspires me a lot, she showed me the attitude, the passion, and also the efforts towards gymnastic, that’s why she’s my favourite sports star. 

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