Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2018 Competition entry by Andrea Chloe Zoen

Hong Kong Rugby Sevens 2018 Competition entry by Andrea Chloe Zoen

We asked our readers about their favourite sports star and most amazing sporting moment and here is one of the entries. It has not been edited


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My favourite sporting moment would definitely be when Mirai Nagasu became the first US women to land a triple axel in the 2018 Winter Olympics. What is a triple axel? At three and a half rotations, it's one of the most difficult moves in figure skating, famously nailed by Tonya Harding in 1991 at the U.S. Figure Skating Championships — she was the first American woman to land it. Nagasu made one of the hardest moves seem so easy and she looked so graceful while doing it. When I first saw her perform the triple axel on TV I screamed out with both shock and joy. As a former ice skater myself who injured herself 2 years ago, I am able to understand the complexity of the trick, and I would have never thought I would witness anyone perform it in my lifetime. Even on the film I, Tonya where they displayed the trick did they have to use special effects because the only people who could perform it were training for the olympics and couldn’t risk getting injured. Nagasu is an inspiration to me because there aren’t many Asian American figures in the media. Her performance has taught me that anything is possible with a lot of hard work and determination. Her performance has also displayed great perseverance as it takes many years of training to even learn a single axel and there is also a great risk of injury. Because of Mirai Nagasu, I have decided to continue figure skating.

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