Dress Katy Competition entry by Kayleigh Wong Hei-yu

Dress Katy Competition entry by Kayleigh Wong Hei-yu

We asked our readers to come up with a costume design for Katy to wear in concert and here is one of the entries. It has not been edited

This costume that I designed for Katy Perry’s Witness tour concert in HK, is an off-the-shoulder tank top strap dress. It is designed to move along with Katy as she dances and sings across the stage.

The dress has the Witness eye and the Hong Kong Bauhinia flower on the top and a 3 layered tulle and silk bottom. It has the colors yellow, green, pink and orange. The special feature of this dress is the third transparent tulle layer on the bottom half, the tulle is sewed to the dress so that there are pink and green sequences inside to make Katy sparkle on stage.

To match the dress, I designed Witness eye hair clips and transparent heels with a Witness eye on the heel.

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