Dress Katy Competition entry by Cheung King-tat

Dress Katy Competition entry by Cheung King-tat

We asked our readers to come up with a costume design for Katy to wear in concert and here is one of the entries. It has not been edited

As everyone knows that She has a nickname in China called “Fruit Sister”, but in the Witness Era, I think she is a growing woman,so I decided to have a more powerful design for her.

Of Course,there are some E.T.’s hands for her(She has a no.1 hit called E.T.),it’s a song that she is trying to change by not only singing the bubble pop song,she is a powerful woman.

Her fans are called “Katy Cats”,so I made a cat with an eye from its mouth that did the same thing she did in the cover from the album “Witness”.

I’m not good in drawing pics,but I’ve tried my best already,I decided to send this email from the last second to make sure it is perfect.

I hope the judges will like it,and finally,I want use the lyrics from Witness to end this article.

“I’m looking for someone who speaks my language”

Yes,I am.

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