Dress Katy Competition entry by Leung Hoi-ching

Dress Katy Competition entry by Leung Hoi-ching

We asked our readers to come up with a costume design for Katy to wear in concert and here is one of the entries. It has not been edited

Alright, Imagine this. a visualised mashup of Katy's top hits. Lets start off with the dress shall we. A patterned body con latex dress with a fun scoop neckline hugging the figure snugly. Ferociously bold tiger visages the size of an average orange drastically contrasts with the midnight black background. Imagine a pompous peacock plume, now replace the coverlets with little miniature discs of acrylic basket balls in a gradual assortment of size ranging from small to large. Creating a rainbow saturated by ' swish-ness' haha get it? Now to accessories. To neutralise the orange-centric ensemble, a fashionable pair of midnight black suede fifi stilettos with miniature studs dotted in an ensemble around the width and length of the heel. How could we forget earrings? Of course, classic saffron and blush coloured triangle pendant earrings reminiscent of the TGIF days dangles from the earlobe, diffusing an air of nostalgia. And of course, finishing the look, a pair of midnight black finger-less arm gloves with carefree patterns of exuberant fireworks. 

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