Caroline Maguire - Wonder Woman [Review]

Caroline Maguire - Wonder Woman [Review]


Photo: Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc.

We asked our readers to write a review of a movie they think deserves an Oscar. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

I think that the best movie from 2017 that should win an Oscar award is Wonder Woman through their use of having such a powerful lead woman figure, they nicely symbolized female empowerment. The movie has a good combination of action and romance. The action scenes look very real and were nicely executed. The movie is about a woman named Diana who was Princess of the Amazons trained to be an undefeatable warrior. Raised on a hidden island, she meets an American pilot who tells her about the massive conflict happening in the outside world. Convinced she can stop the threat, Diana leaves her home to fight alongside men in a war to end all wars. Throughout the journey, she discovers her powers and her true destiny.

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