Muhammad Arzo - Wonder [Review]

Muhammad Arzo - Wonder [Review]


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We asked our readers to write a review of a movie they think deserves an Oscar. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

It was my friend's birthday and I randomly chose a movie to watch after school which's name was pretty attractive, Wonder. And I think that was the best decision I've made about choosing movies.

The movie is about a boy born with a genetic facial difference. He has been homeschooling by his mother until 5th grade, he was going to start school with other kids which was nerve-wracking. He meets new friends but also faces bullying at the same time. He was not the only one with problems, but also his older sister, thinking that her parents only give attention to her brother.  The family complication gets worse but... spoiler alert! It has a happy ending. Why is Wonder worth for Oscar?

First of all, it's all about the acting. How wonderfully they've presented the film, how real the scenes were acted. The movie was not only about the adults, but a group of youngsters had to act it out. There were a few fighting scenes among the young ones, I didn't even notice it at that time as I was so involved, but now realizing how realistically they've performed. The weeping scenes between the boy and his mum were just heart melting.   The leading role of that little cute boy was impressing, following by his parents and older sister as well as other co-actors such as the kids in schools.  A good acting is what makes the movie so successful.

Another reason is that the movie is so much relating, relating to our own lives, and our own society! Wonder is so much different from other movies released recently. It is something different, something real, not something imaginary at all. It is relating to our lives in a way that we all have family problems, the movie is presented in all of the 4 family members' perspectives, they all having different problems like we do. Moreover,  it is 100% relating to the society now.  Bullying others just because they look different is totally cruel, no matter they are physically disabled, having some sort of disease, or even coming from a different culture. But hey, we are all humans, after all, living on the same planet. Still, we can't see an end to bullying. Wonder is earnest and sweet, providing some messages about kindness and acceptance, being open to everyone.

I truly believe that Wonder is an awesome and meaningful movie worth for an Oscar.

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