Imagine Dragons creative writing entry by Tse Hau-yat

Imagine Dragons creative writing entry by Tse Hau-yat

We asked our readers to write a short piece of creative writing related to dragons. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

“There was nothing but darkness. I heard a sound behind me and turned, and came face to face with a monster… it killed your dad.” Mum started sobbing.

“But mum, please let me go. I really want to go there with my friends.” I begged my mum for two weeks.

Although she rejects me and made me wanted to give up, every time my friends ask me if I’m joining them,  a bad idea pops out in my brain — I have to sneek out of my home.

I did it and my adventure truly begins.

“Hey, Shawn, wake up! We’ve arrived!” Dan shook my body and woke me up.

When I opened my eyes, I’m already on an island. For the first two days on the island, everything is normal. Till the third day of our trip, something turned abnormal.

“Let’s get into the restricted area together. It’s boring here!” Ben, my friend, suggested. “No… Isn’t it too dangerous?” Andrew, Ben’s brother, asked with a worrying face. “Never mind! Is there something radioactive or demons inside? No! Are you scared, nervous wreck?” Ben replied. Andrew had to take care of Ben so he agreed to go. Dan and I just kept silent and followed them. So, there’s no one missing and we started our journey.

We climbed over the wire net and get into the restricted area. The night had already arrived, so, we went into a cave and rested. “Oh, I found an egg here!” Ben screamed. “I think we should to leave, it’s where demons hide…” Andrew murmured. “Listen! We are not leaving and I’m going to crack this too,” Ben screamed again.

“ROAR!” A dragon came out from the deepest part of the cage.

“Look what you did!” Dan shouted at Ben. Ben wasn’t able to give any response and his head had teared away by the angered dragon. The dragon chased us. I kept on running and there’s no time for me to look back. All I could hear was people shouting and blood splashing.

“Ah!” I shouted and looked to the left side, my arm was missing. Everything I saw turned dimmer and dimmer. I suffered from the pain and I fainted.

I woke and found everything was just in my dream. I’m glad that I didn't sneek away. I should listen to my mum and never get close to the "Imagine Dragons" again.

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