Imagine Dragons creative writing entry by Lauren Chan Lok-yan

Imagine Dragons creative writing entry by Lauren Chan Lok-yan

We asked our readers to write a short piece of creative writing related to dragons. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

There was nothing but darkness. I heard a sound behind me and turned, and came face to face with two, big, yellow glowing eyes.

I knew I shouldn’t have spent the night in a cave. Where I saw dragon eggs. And if I’m not wrong I’m standing right in front of the mother dragon.

The dragon exhaled through those gigantic nostrils, sending a puff of warm air to me. Gross. I reached out my hand and gently placed it on the space between his golden yellow eyes, this is what Mom taught me before a dinosaur came crashing through our house and killing both of my parents.

My heart was pounding against my chest, the dragon could either eat me straight away or be tamed by me. I definitely hope it’s the latter. I closed my eyes and hope for the best when I felt the dragon move.

“Okay I’m gonna go and risk my life getting eaten by a dinosaur, so bye.” I quickly waved a goodbye to the dragon who tilted her head in confusion as she watch me leave.

I walked out of the cave and saw the sight that sent shivers down my spine. There were fires everywhere, from the dragons. The buildings which stood so tall a few months ago being flattened by the dinosaurs. The 22nd century has became Jurassic World.

I picked up a rifle that was sitting against the door of the cave and started to find a safe place to get through the night.

I walked to a building which looked safe, until I saw dragons circling around the school from the sky. I ducked behind a large rock when I heard thudding behind me. Once I peeked out of the rock, I knew hiding was a good idea, there were at least 30 dinosaurs running across the land in front of me.

One spotted me when I poked my head out and let out a loud roar, catching the other dinosaurs attention and they slowly made their way towards me.

I shot them with my rifle but it soon ran out of amo. I knew this will be the death of me and closed my eyes and embraced the pain that will dawn upon me.

But then I was lifted up the air, by the dragon who I tamed earlier. Huh, guess dragons aren’t that bad afterall.

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