Imagine Dragons creative writing entry by Julia Jamieson

Imagine Dragons creative writing entry by Julia Jamieson

We asked our readers to write a short piece of creative writing related to dragons. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

There was nothing but darkness. I heard a sound behind me and turned, and came face to face with a glistening red ruby. Suddenly, the ruby moved up, down and around, and next think I know it blinked. I then knew I was in front of something much larger and scarier than I thought, a majestic dragon. I stood, frozen, and couldn’t believe my eyes, I am in the presence of a specie like no other. I got nervous and my body trembled, as the dragon’s hot breath soared over the top of my head.  The dragons tail moved bounced up and down, but I didn’t know if it was a threat or if it was simply eager as to what I was. However, I couldn’t wait, I was too scared and ran as fast as possible to the nearest safety zone. The dragon hadn’t noticed I was gone. Seconds later swooping through the dark sky was the gleaming creature, searching for me as I huddled, petrified. I looked up again, and I couldn’t see it, so I slowly walked out to look for it. Then without taking another step, I was whooshed into the air and landed safely on the most colorful scales I had ever witnessed.  The dragon was no harm at all, in fact It was the most enchanting animal I had ever come across. It looked back at me, as if it was almost smiling and we went on an adventure through the sky, but to where I had no idea.  The journey was very long, but I had waited to go on adventure like this for many years now. An adventure like no other, in my own world, without the distraction of anyone else’s company. I felt dizzy, and didn’t understand where I truly was or what I was doing in this place. In the distance I heard my favourite band playing and realized that the dragon was taking me to a place that truly was a dream. Although next thing I know, I wake up and  realize that there wasn’t a dragon after all. It was all my imagination.

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