Imagine Dragons creative writing entry by Chung On-ching

Imagine Dragons creative writing entry by Chung On-ching

We asked our readers to write a short piece of creative writing related to dragons. Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

There was nothing but darkness. I heard a sound behind me and turned, and came face to face with a handsome man with beard. I am glad that you’re born, Dratini. I am Dan and I will be your Pokemon trainer!” said the man.

I left my eggshell and my journey began with Dan.Having trainings,  I have learnt how to use dragon breath to produce snow, how to use iron tail to attack enemies... We’ve gone through many gyms and not only my power has become stronger, but also the bond between Dan and me.

Today, we went to the Ramen Gym, which will offer delicious ramen to the winners. Suddenly, thunder stroke down and all the lights are turned off. “Haha, the ramen is ours!” said a man with evil laughter. “ No! You can’t take them without winning the battles! And the most important point is that I haven't tried it yet! Go away and leave the ramen alone!” , said Dan, “Dratini, Dragon breath!”.

”Snow? Use thunder and melt all the snow! Then use radioactive attack!”

“Dodge it and use Iron tail!”

“Bang!”, but my attack did not work.

“Haha! My Pokemon is a sucker for pain and your attack will only make it become stronger! “, the man said, “It’s time. Demon shot!”

Pain occupied my body. “ I don't ever want to let Dan down. All the trainings…”, I thought. I have never met an enemy as strong as this. I could only lie on the floor.

“The next one, is you, trainer. Demon shot!”

“No! Don't hurt Dan! Stand up, Dratini, bet  your life to protect Dan!” I told myself, but my body could not cooperate. I could barely move.

The shadow was coming closer and closer to Dan. “Whatever it takes!”, I thought. all of a sudden, light was emitted from me. My blue body turns orange and a pair of wings were grown. “Dragonite?” said Dan.

I flew to Dan and blocked the shadow from attacking him. The demon shot hurts but my target to protect Dan has overcome everything.

“Dragonite, use steel wing. Then use hyper beam!” shouted Dan.

“No! Please forgive us! We will never be a thief again!” said the man running away.

The gym was fine. Although my body was hurt and could not attend to battles, the Gym master offered us ramen to thank us!

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