"My Day out in Hong Kong with Shawn Mendes" by Prince Chartonne Navarro

"My Day out in Hong Kong with Shawn Mendes" by Prince Chartonne Navarro

We asked our readers to write an essay titled "My Day out with Shawn Mendes". Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

Shawn Mendes is coming to Hong Kong? Really!? It’s about time he showed Mercy for us fans who had been dying for him to come here! There’s Nothing Holding Me Back to stop me from showing Hong Kong around for our dear ol' Shawn Mendes! And I will surely Treat You Better than any brother here in Hong Kong!

As for starters, after hours of flight would certainly tire Shawn Mendes and what better way to lighten his mood from an exhausting jet lag than to have Sir Mendes take in a bit of the countryside? As well as appreciate the beauty and scenery of Hong Kong has to offer by having him tour around while in a cable car. I would first take him to a Ngong Ping 360 ride and enjoy the fresh and savoury Air all while witnessing all the greens Hong Kong has to offer. After all, Shawn does love the colour green.

To quote from one of his songs - Don’t Be A Fool and definitely take him to the VictoriaPeak all while riding the Peak Tram as well! It’ll surely leave an impression to him as the experience isn’t something found common in a day to day basis. I love riding these teams myself. A Kid In Love as I might call it. And I want to share this with him. Obviously, the Peak Tram is not the main part of the visit to the Peak. Madame Tussauds is there too with the wax figures but the view of Hong Kong and how one can simply tower everything and everyone! There is just something majestic about it something - Something Big!

 I hope Shawn Mendes’ tour with me will leave an impression especially of Hong Kong.

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