"My Day out in Hong Kong with Shawn Mendes" by Nicola Takahashi

"My Day out in Hong Kong with Shawn Mendes" by Nicola Takahashi


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We asked our readers to write an essay titled "My Day out with Shawn Mendes". Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

To be honest, it is hard to pick some best places in Hong Kong and spend my day with Mendes since there are a lot of good places where it can perfectly show the customs in Hong Kong and how it is different from other cities or countries.

Firstly, after waking up in the morning, I would take Mendes to have some dim sum since it is a tradition to have yum cha in the morning. The morning tea can show Mendes what it is like to have real dim sums like dumplings and Siu Mai. I bet he could also learn different customs like washing the dishes and utensils at the beginning of the meal. 

Next, I would bring him to the Ocean Park. Since there’s only one Ocean Park in the whole wide world, it would be perfect to bring him to the park.  From riding onto roller coasters to seeing penguins or other animals, Ocean Park is the best place to go.

After around 4pm, I would bring him to mong kok and have some tea in traditional Cha Chaang Tang and order some French Toasts for him. After having some delicious food, the Lady’s Street in Mk is next. It is famous for selling various, low priced products for any age. Since Mendes love to take photos, it is a very nice spot for him to take some vintage photos.

At night, I would take him to Central and see the night view in Hong Kong, especially in Victoria Harbour. Mendes could also watch the “Symphony of Lights”. The stunning lasers show the features of the skyscrapers in Hong Kong. I bet Mendes who is from Canada, have never ever seen such a breathtaking view. “Ding Ding” is also a famous and traditional transport in Hong Kong. 

After the busy and tight schedule, I would end it by riding on the tram(Ding Ding). Riding on the tram could show Mendes a glimpse of the daily life in Hong Kong. The night view from the tram is also very unique and a good place to take vintage photos. Watching the view from the tram is very soothing and relaxing.

Ending the day at 9pm, I would send Mendes back to the hotel since I understand it is very tiring for him and that he has to have some time to regain his energy for the next show. 

I believe that the above could show the uniqueness of Hong Kong and thus would leave a memorable experience for Shawn Mendes. 

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