"My Day out in Hong Kong with Shawn Mendes" by Wong Hei-yuet

"My Day out in Hong Kong with Shawn Mendes" by Wong Hei-yuet


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We asked our readers to write an essay titled "My Day out with Shawn Mendes". Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

If I were invited to spend a day with Shawn Mendes in Hong Kong, I would like to take him to The Peak and Tsim Sha Tsui. These two places are the most beautiful attractions in Hong Kong. Tourists were surprised and freaked out after they paid a visit in those places. There are also reasons why I pick this for Shawn.

Firstly, Shawn is an adventurous boy. He loves exciting things as you can know it by his lyrics and music video. Therefore, The Peak is remarkable choice. We could go hiking together. I decided to walk to The Peak instead of taking the Peak tram. It’s actually more convenient to walk there and you can enjoy the view of VictoriaHarbour. Since Shawn is still a teenager, he needs to do more adequate exercise. I know he is fit but sports are important. It’s absolutely worth the visit and kills two birds in one stone.

Secondly, when we arrive to The Peak, We would like to go shopping. If Shawn is not interested in luxurious and well known clothing or brands, then we could visit Madame Tussauds to see how much Shawn knows about our celebrated star. For the following activity, we can go “Yum Cha” together. Shawn might not have “Yum Cha “before. It’s literally a “must do” thing in the list. It would be an unforgettable experience for Shawn who is a western tourist. I’m guaranteed that he will fall in love with dim sum.BBQ pork bun, sweet cream bun, rice roll with pork and you name it. They taste amazing and Hongkongers are obsessed about it.

Thirdly, when it’s almost night time, we would go to Tsim Sha Tsui which is in Kowloon. The night view in Hong Kong is the best. It’s wonderful and gorgeous. No tourist came to Hong Kong without appreciating the lighting and flash light of the skyscrapers of VictoriaHarbour. He would love A Symphony of Lights. It’s colourful and eye-catching. Shawn could not regret anything of the trip and he would be amazed and delighted about everything he explore and visit in Hong Kong.

That’s a wrap. I’m looking forward for him coming to Hong Kong. Hope Shawn has an extraordinary duration in Hong Kong.

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