"My Day out in Hong Kong with Shawn Mendes" by Aesha Ijaz

"My Day out in Hong Kong with Shawn Mendes" by Aesha Ijaz


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We asked our readers to write an essay titled "My Day out with Shawn Mendes". Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

Meeting Shawn Mendes would be a dream come true. I remember fan-girling Shawn Mendes when I was a little kid (and by that, I mean 7 years old). Yes, I was this young when I got to know Shawn Mendes and now, he is coming to HONG KONG!!!!!!AHHHHHH!!!! If I ever have a chance to goet a day out with Shawn, here's how it would go......

Firstly, I would wake up and pick him up in the morning for an amazing breakfast in the famous Wagyu Restaurant in central. This is an Australian restaurant which is widely known for its desserts. As Shawn has a sweet tooth, I would treat him to some fudge brownies and Crepes. And if he still feels hungry he can have some Grilled Canadian Pork Rack. This literally made my mouth water.

After the amazing breakfast, I would take him to the Hong Kong Zoological and Botanical Garden which is also located in Central. This is a beautiful place filled with flowers, animals and has a spectacular scenery. Shawn is a huge animal lover and a great photographer; this place would be perfect for him. We would play with the animals and take amazing pictures which of course would be shared on social media. I know this is a weird place to take a huge celebrity to but according to our preferences, I feel like this would be unique and perfect.

Following the visit, I'd love to take him on a magical ride on the Ngong Ping 360. This is a wonderful cable car ride full of fun. In the long ride, we would be able to witness the amazing wonders of Hong Kong such as the Big Buddha, many historic buildings, the beautiful sky and the blue sea. In short, we will be able to see the whole Hong Kong in one spectacular ride. Isn't that superb?

And to end this day, I would grab some dinner from one of the finest dining restaurant "Teen Lung Heen". To eat the dinner, I would bring him to a beach and it is the Tung Wan Beach. There is a reason for taking him to a beach at night to have dinner. Shawn loves to go to the beach and at night the bridge seen from the beach lights up and it looks amazing. Just imagine at night, in a beach with a glowing bridge having dinner with your favourite person in the world. I mean this is my fairy tale ending. This is how I would spend my whole day with Shawn Mendes.

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