"My Day out in Hong Kong with Shawn Mendes" by Isabella Young

"My Day out in Hong Kong with Shawn Mendes" by Isabella Young


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We asked our readers to write an essay titled "My Day out with Shawn Mendes". Here is one of the entries. It has not been edited.

If I had the opportunity to spend a day with Shawn Mendes, I would bring him kayaking, to explore the amazing costal area of Sai Kung. The clusters of islands just few kilometres off Sai Kung are often abandoned by islanders who moved to the city but they still offer a very unique façade of Hong Kong that is not usually advertised in travel brochures. The serenity of the islands with the surrounding nature allows a very relaxing experience.

We would kayak to the Hoi Ha where the water is crystal clear. We would go snorkelling in the snorkelling zones and see all the abundance of amazing, multicoloured corals and a few species only found in Hong Kong. Between the corals, there would be brightly coloured seahorses and fishes and crabs swimming about.

Another common thing to do in Hong Kong is to go hiking to beaches and waterfalls. A famous beach in the Sai Kung area is Tai Long Wan Beach. There, the water is that perfect shade of aqua that just, for a moment, makes you forget that you are in Hong Kong and allures you to jump in and have a swim. Just a short walk along the beach and through the countryside will bring us to the Sai Wan waterfall. At the bottom of the waterfall is a pool surrounded by tall cliffs. The adrenaline rush climbing up the ledges and jumping down the 10 feet cliff is the most surreal thing ever.

In my opinion, the outdoors is one of Hong Kong’s most underrated things and therefore if I had the opportunity to spend my day with Shawn Mendes it would be experiencing that. 

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