Three videos, one prize: it’s time to vote for your favourite act to win our Live@YP x Clockenflap music competition!

Three videos, one prize: it’s time to vote for your favourite act to win our Live@YP x Clockenflap music competition!

The act with the most votes will be going to Clockenflap festival for a weekend packed with incredible music

Put your judging hat on and get ready to be counted in the final round of our Live@YP x Clockenflap music contest. We’ve whittled down a record number of entries to just three acts: soloist Natalie Chan, rock group Flight 852, and metal duo Eris.

All you need to do is clean the wax out of your ears, watch the videos, stroke your beard while deciding carefully, and vote for your favourite below. With great power comes great responsibility: choose wisely!

Voting closes at 11.59pm on Monday, November 13.

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Natalie Chan – La Vie En Rose

Solo singer Natalie, 17, chose to perform a moving cover of Louis Armstrong’s jazz classic La Vie En Rose for her competition entry. Perched atop a stool in her school’s music room, Natalie went for a simple set­up, allowing the power and grace of her enviable voice to take centre-stage.

Revealing why she opted for the romantic ballad, Natalie told us: “La Vie en Rose is about the life of a French singer Édith Piaf. Her story is romantic yet and tragic. Through her amazing voice and thoughtful lyrics, I can totally identify myself with her feelings. This classic song gives me inspiration so I would like to share it with you all.”

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Flight 852 – River

Buckle your seatbelts and get ready to soar with the Flight 852! The dynamic quintet met at their church, The Vine, and bonded over their love for music. They enjoy performing songs by their favourite Christian rock groups and we met them after school at Zuk Studio in Mongkok, where they presented their take on Planetshakers’ gospel smash, River.

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Eris – Disorder

Recording their video for this contest in Sha Tin College’s music room caused the school security guard to come and shut down the shoot! (Maybe Year 7 Consultation Evening wasn’t the best day to film…) Eris, aka Ray Lee and Justin Kim, both aged 14, deliver a storm of metal brutality with their original instrumental composition, Disorder, written especially for this contest. Ray makes light work of shredding and heavy rhythms on the guitar, while Justin is half-man, half-machine on the double kick drum pedal.

I got the inspiration from metal bands like Periphery, Judas Priest, Veil of Maya and several other people like Rob Scallon, Jared Dines and Shady Cicada,” Ray said. The name 'Disorder' came because we had little time to finish it and the song itself was disordered.

Clockenflap runs from Nov 17-19. Discount tickets (HK$1,080 for the weekend) are available to under-18s and full-time students. Here is everything you need to know about this year's Clockenflap!


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