Congrats to our lucky #YPx5H lip syncing winners! You'll be seeing Fifth Harmony live!

Congrats to our lucky #YPx5H lip syncing winners! You'll be seeing Fifth Harmony live!

We were blown away by your talent and the effort you guys went to for a chance to see your idols!


Four YP readers and their friends will be seeing the awesome foursome on Friday

We couldn't believe how much effort went into some of the #YPx5H entries, which made it even harder for us to agree on the winners. We wish we had enough prizes for all of you, but sadly, that's not the case.

So, without further ado, here are the judges' favourites:

Winners of the meet & greet + concert tickets:



I've been a fan of all five girls (all the luck to Camila) since they were on the X Factor UK and if I could meet them I don't even think words would describe how absolutely incredibly happy I would be. These girls have been an inspiration for so long; their confidence makes me want to climb on a stage and sing. Meeting them would be a blessing. Would do anything to hear them live; they have incredible talent that I one day wish to have. I remember a while ago looking at Lauren Jauregui and thinking I wish I could be like her. I wish I could tell her this in person. All the love for these girls, honestly. - Tori Meeting Fifth Harmony has always been a dream of mine, I remember being 8 years old and watching X Factor with my family and to think that they've grown so much makes me so happy; I would love to see them on Friday! - Rhea All our effort in making this video is because we love 5H and I think we will be glad even if we don't win, knowing that we did our best; we spent two hours in Aberdeen walking around finding HK Walls, almost missed the bus, and choreographed a whole dance! And Tori spent about four hours editing it to perfection !!! We're very proud of each other and the effort we put into this. So, with everything we've got, we hope we win !!! @youngposthk #YPx5H

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Winners of the concert tickets:





The reason why I would want to do this song is that because of this song,I got to know who they are and start noticing them.The girls like mean the earth to me as they have been my inspiration since then.Whenever I am upset,I listen to every single of their songs and their voices are just what their name is- Harmony ,always harmonious enough to alleviate your stress,throw away your burden or problems. Besides I am soooo proud of my bae Lauren,she can live her life and be honest to herself no matter what the people say about her.I realllly want to meet them in person as well as the concert before i participate in a rival to battle with the monster-DSE .With their love and support,I think they will be my power to attain as many as stars stars as I can haha.Maybe mine isnt that good or perfect as others work is ten times better than mine lol,but I still hope i could meet the girls before DSE!If not,I still hope that the girls can continue inspiring people just like what they hv done to me! #YPx5H @youngposthk

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