Star Wars love letters: sweet memories of poison and family revenge

Star Wars love letters: sweet memories of poison and family revenge

We asked our readers to write a love letter from one character in the Star War’s universe to another. Here are our favourites


Princess Lei and Han Solo = couple goals

To my beloved Mirax Terrik,

You are the only one I love and know ... obviously you won’t let me

talk to other girls ... let’s just move on from this topic or else I

feel like it might end badly.

Valentine’s Day is coming up and I want you to tell me what you want

because if I get something for you and you don’t like it ... then you

know what happens next ... right? Do you want roses or chocolates or if

you ask me whether I would get the stars from the sky for you that is if there

are any stars present on that day...

It’s been a long time since I told you this but you are the only one in

my heart. Although at first you were like so involved in the family

revenge thing ... like omg you even gave me a glass of milk with poison

in it! However, you know how sweet and generous I am which is why I

took you to the cinema next day, remember? You also asked what popcorn is, do you remember that?! Ah, the memories.

But never mind ... you know you’re the only one in my life.

So tell me whatcha want for Valentine’s Day, but remember I will only

give you a gift if you give me one. I would like a

mansion in Paris or USA or ... France is also okay ...

Your one and only,

Corran Horn

Saima Ali, 16, St Margaret’s Girls College Hong Kong


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