Star Wars love letters: Jabba the Hutt, oh how I long to touch your skin!

Star Wars love letters: Jabba the Hutt, oh how I long to touch your skin!

We asked our readers to write a love letter from one character in the Star War’s universe to another. Here are our favourites


Princess Leia and Han Solo = couple goals

Dear Jabba,

How have you been doing in your palace? I hear it’s rather nice this time of progression. Yavin is as it usually is, preparing and getting ready for any type of unlawful action from the Empire.

Even as a spy, on missions I find myself thinking of you, your texture, and what it would feel like to touch your skin. Jyn says I even murmur your name in my sleep. Everyone says you’re a ruthless, cold blooded gangster, but ever since I saw you in a hologram I have been wondering if you would feel like a human, or a Gungan, or something else entirely. I suspect that would be the case, since you are a Hutt, and I have not encountered any of your species yet.

Your large eyes have bewitched me, Jabba, even from afar, and your large belly intrigues me so. Is it slime on your body, or skin, or scales? I have discovered many things, but the texture of you, of Jabba, is something I have yet to discover. Your hands, small for your size, seem like they would fit perfectly in mine. My fellow rebels think me mad for this, but I requested a model of you be made and it now sits on my table. Whenever I cannot solve a case, or carry out the Alliance’s orders, all I need to do is look at you and you help me through it all.

Valentine’s day is coming up, on Yavin’s progression – would you do me the favour of being my valentine?

I’m begging of you. Please reply to my letters. I have sent you seventeen, yet received no reply.


Captain Cassian Jeron Andor of the Alliance

Karis Tao, 17, Chinese International School


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