Star Wars love letters: Yoda one for me, love you I do

Star Wars love letters: Yoda one for me, love you I do

We asked our readers to write a love letter from one character in the Star War’s universe to another. Here are our favourites


Princess Lei and Han Solo = couple goals

Dear Luke,

Valentines Day it is. Lovers I have none, but a loved padawan I have. Platonic valentine this is, because lonely I am.

Too much Vader in you there was when I first saw you. No longer this conception I had when we started training. Much more obedient and less whiny than your father you are.

Red, roses are.

Blue, violets are.

My best padawan, Luke.

May the force be with you.

For you, this cheesy poem I wrote. Barely understand myself I do. “Are” and “are” rhyme, they do not. My best, I did. Jokes to make you happy I wanted to tell. Knock knock jokes, however, impossible they are.

Enjoyed the times piggybacking with you I have. Do or do not, there is no try. Loving you as my I do without trying. Die in the eighth movie you will not, I hope. Happy Valentines Day!


Force ghost of Master Yoda

P.S. Valentines gifts, prepared I have. The power converter from Tosche Station you’ve never got I’ve sent!

Monica Fang Jun Ya (Carmel Secondary School)


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