Star War love letters: admit there is a spark between us

Star War love letters: admit there is a spark between us

We asked our readers to write a love letter from one character in the Star War’s universe to another. Here are our favourites


Princess Leia and Han Solo = couple goals

Dear Rey,

Hey. It’s me. Again.

You haven’t responded to my last 57 letters and 32 emails and 21 telepathic messages. I told Siri to WhatsApp you some more messages, but he said you blocked me. I then had a very sad conversation with an artificially intelligent being.

I miss him too, I really do. Not Siri. I’m not talking about Siri anymore. What came over me at that time, I honestly don’t know. I plunged my lightsaber in his chest and watched as his shocked face looked at me. I know, I know. He was my father, too! Just because I killed him doesn’t mean I didn’t love him.

When I saw him fall, I realised, “Hey, his chest looks better with a gigantic hole in it.” Then memories came flooding over me. Like that time we did the Ice Cream Bucket Challenge, or the time when we poured buckets of paint all over each other. I missed him then.

I understand you may think that I’m just lying, but hey, if Siri believes me, you should too. Siri’s a very intelligent … thing. Just believe in me, please? I miss you too much. I swear I do.

I honestly feel like dying now. You’re refusing to acknowledge me, even though there is clearly a spark between us. I’ve even made a poem in your honour!

Here it is:

I play with a tennis ball,

Your hands are so blue.

Your face makes me think LOL,

Just for you!

What do you think? Do you like how I used LOL? For Lots Of Love? See, I am up to date on the latest trends. Anyway, please accept me and my heart. Yes, me and my heart which only beats for one person. Well, for two. I need it to beat for me otherwise I’ll die.


You don’t want that, do you? You don’t want me to die?

I hope not. Oh dear. Rey, my beautiful Rey, I am terrified (new vocab – see the new me?) that I have to stop writing you letters which you will never respond to or you will throw away.


Kylo Ren

Ady Lam, 11, Island School


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