Manspiration 2016 by Cheng Kam-fung

Manspiration 2016 by Cheng Kam-fung

For Brovember, Young Post asked our readers to tell us about a man who inspires them. This could be their father, brother, uncle, teacher, or even someone they've never met, like US President Barack Obama or Canto-pop musician Eason Chan. Here is one of the entries we received, in their own words ...

The sun slowly and slowly climbed down behind the mountains as I wandered around the street. The trees nearby leaned in the breeze, waving softly their hands as if they greeted me to go into the park.

It was one year ago since I had last been in the park. No major changes could be discovered from what I remembered. Only the people here have been fewer than before. The peacefulness of the surroundings calmed my unsettled spirits. I sat on a wooden bench and took a deep breath of fresh air. Then I looked at the children playing around me.

Not far from me, a little boy was happily playing basketball with a man. The scene made me recall the wonderful days with my cousin hero, David.

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David was a cheerful and positive young man who brought joy and laughter to those people around him. He always had a merry smile hanging on his face. David and I used to chat and play in the park. The place was filled with our happiness and memories. David not only played with me but also helped me in my homework. He always said to me, ’Nothing is impossible. If you think you can do it, then you can. You should try your best to finish all the things well.’ He also showed me how to face challenging situations head on and never give up. To me, he was a sun which lighted up my whole world. Indeed, he was my capable and amusing friend.

David really was a brilliant and bright young man. He was diligent, initiative and smart in his study. He always performed well in his examination. He was also well-behaved in the family. He treated his parents with filial respect. He helped his mother to do the household work. In addition, he never made his parents feel unhappy.

Last year, however, his family decided that it was time for them to move to Australia. I was saddened deeply by the news since I did not want him to leave. I felt very unhappy! It definitely was a tough road trying to get used to the change after that.

I heaved a sigh at the memory. I absolutely missed him. When I still felt very upset, I seemed to hear a soft voice speaking in my heart, ‘Cheer up, good boy! Don’t be unhappy! Remember what I have taught you!’ Suddenly, I woke up in my mind. I thought, ‘Yeah! Go ahead! Never give up!’ These were what my unreplaceable paradigm, David, has told me before. At that moment, I made a promise to me, I had to become a man like David one day in the near future.


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