Manspiration 2016 by Ibbi Chan

Manspiration 2016 by Ibbi Chan

For Brovember, Young Post asked our readers to tell us about a man who inspires them. This could be their father, brother, uncle, teacher, or even someone they've never met, like US President Barack Obama or Canto-pop musician Eason Chan. Here is one of the entries we received, in their own words ...

A ‘Super Man’ is stereotyped to be a guy having super power, always busy hustling and bustling to rescue the whole world. But for me, my super man is just my coach in volleyball. You way wonder, “Huh?! Are you kidding me? How would an ordinary pupil teaching volleyball be your super man?” But I can answer you firmly that I’m not. I would like to start with the reason of him becoming my super man.

About a few months ago, I joined a volleyball course outside school. I knew nothing about volleyball, till I met him. He used to be my teacher at school. It was so “lucky” to meet him again! Everything he taught me in the course, such as spiking, digging and serving, I failed. I felt so frustrated for not even getting a ball pass the net for the whole two hours. He saw me wanted to give up so badly, he came to me.

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He showed me how to hit the ball in a proper way. Every time I failed to save the ball as a libero in the game, he encouraged me. He would shout,” Hey keep it up! You definitely could do better next time! Don’t give up! “ This was so heartwarming. It kept me motivated for trying my best to excel in volleyball.

Although it wasn’t a big thing, it works for me once I recall his words. He just inspired me so much. He turned me from a beginner in volleyball to a girl who has overload passion and loves volleyball so much now.

Thank You, Mr. Leung!


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