Manspiration 2016 by Sze Ka-hong

Manspiration 2016 by Sze Ka-hong

For Brovember, Young Post asked our readers to tell us about a man who inspires them. This could be their father, brother, uncle, teacher, or even someone they've never met, like US President Barack Obama or Canto-pop musician Eason Chan. Here is one of the entries we received, in their own words ...

When I am asked which man inspires me the most, what immediately comes to my mind is Nelson Mandela, a greatly admired person in the world. His positive individual traits his legend, and his unforgettable quotes, will forever stay in my memory.

Looking at what he has done for his country, I see his dogged determination. He persisted in eliminating the inequality between the Blacks and the Whites. Like most of the people who fought for equality, he was imprisoned for 28 years until the international organizations exerted pressure on the South African government.

During his imprisonment, he kept reading books written by the Whites, and fully understood why they hated the Blacks so much and why they treated them unequally. 28 years of imprisonment didn’t put out his faith, and that is the difference between Mandela and the others. His unremitting effort and relentless persistence are the keys to success. We should never give up or we will never succeed.

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His persistence has inspired me a lot, but what really enlightens me is the way he united the Blacks and the Whites, which shows his vision as a leader. Springboks, the team representing apartheid and prejudice, was no longer supported by South Africa. The Blacks hated this team and wanted to disband this rugby team. Without support, the team lost in every competition. However, Mandela found the way for them to succeed.

It was not solely the practice that made the team successful. It was Mandela’s vision that made the team successful. He arranged a lot of visits for the team to gain support, and when Springboks finally won the World cup, he succeeded in uniting the country.

Mandela once said, ’Forgiveness liberates the soul. It removes fear. That’s why it is such a powerful weapon.’ Even though many people may have the leadership abilities and are perseverant, not many can do what Mandela did. After Mandela was elected as president, many people thought the Whites would be punished or even executed.

However, Mandela did otherwise. I myself am a student leader, determined and relentless but I always find myself bound, with fear. It is from this man’s wisdom that I became liberated; it is from this noble quality of ‘forgiveness’ that I became free and fearless. I can see why he won the support from both Blacks and Whites. This is where I have learnt to become a real leader. The life of Mandela conjures up many of my memories and my admiration to him, which will forever be etched on my mind.


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