Manspiration 2016 by Rahman Safaq Anse

Manspiration 2016 by Rahman Safaq Anse

For Brovember, Young Post asked our readers to tell us about a man who inspires them. This could be their father, brother, uncle, teacher, or even someone they've never met, like US President Barack Obama or Canto-pop musician Eason Chan. Here is one of the entries we received, in their own words ...

“No one can have all the qualities in the world, every single one is unique.” This might sound like something any motivational speaker would say, but have you ever had someone so dear to you, who would actually make you feel that way? He has not exactly said that, but the meaning behind those words, is what he conveys through actions. I have felt it, not only once, but whenever he’s around, I feel the same. He’s a friend of mine, my role model. He has not only been my friend, but also a father and a brother. Although it hasn’t even been two years knowing him, it feels like he’s the one behind me becoming who I am today.

I’ve been given an identity at school for my smile and laughter, and I have only realized this when my friend was there to tell me how much that simple smile really means. I used to be someone who was shy, not really brave, nor confident. But my role model has made me believe in myself, now I know that there’s nothing to be scared about. People’s judgements can only make me stronger now, after all we humans learn from mistakes.

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My role model’s life isn’t easy. In fact, he’s really different from most of the people I know. He is the first person I’ve known personally, who has experienced so much in life. Despite having so many obstacles, he has moved on with his life. There is deep embedded anger and sorrow, but he would keep it away from his present, and begin every day with gratitude and hope. His struggle to make changes has always inspired me. No matter how far he is from success, his willingness would never fade. He is a man of his words, which makes him one out of the million stars, that’d shine the brightest.

At school, he literally gets to work sitting on the teacher’s chair. Sometimes even I doubt whether he’s a student, because what he does, is way more than anyone one of us would do.

After high school, I may not be able to ever meet this role model of mine. Yet I can never forget all that I have learnt in these years, as these has made me stronger and more determined to make differences in the world I’m living in.


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