Letters from the dorm: School days are the days to cherish

Letters from the dorm: School days are the days to cherish

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Almost every student dreams of making school days go by faster; they wish they could just press a button and fast-forward to the end of the term. Well, for the first time in my life, I actually wish that school days would slow down so I could rewind to the start of the term. Utterly bizarre, simply unheard of, I know. Even I can't believe it.

This term has been an absolute whirlwind so far. Every day just seemed to pass by in the blink of an eye, and the moment I wake up I know that I am one day closer to Judgment Day - or rather, Judgment Month.

With the GCSE exams only a few months away, I've suddenly realised that my work this year actually matters. Every piece of coursework or assessment I complete counts towards my final grade. I hope I don't sound too childish, but this is one of the first things I will do that will have a big impact on my future - and I'm certainly not ready for it.

Another thing is that I'll really miss dorm life. At the moment, I am living in mixed-year dorms, with about four to six people in each room. However, I will be moving to the sixth-form wing, where there are single rooms, next year.

After so many years living in a dorm, it will be nice to finally have my own room: no more heavy snoring at 1 in the morning; no more scandals of stolen hairbrushes and toothpaste; no more mixed-up laundry.

But dorm life is still wonderful. For the past three years, the highlight of my day has been our evening chats. We talk about our day, release our stress, chatt about celebrities - yes, although we are locked within school grounds and out of Tumblr, we still have some connection with the outside world.

Of course, we also discuss the most important issue - boy problems - in which case the conversation will usually last until lights-out. This is why I want school days to slow down.

As my parents might say, we cannot travel back in time, so we should cherish school life and enjoy it as much as we can. As of right now, I know that I definitely do.

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These are days to cherish


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